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    Looking into Worldmark Timeshare Resales?

    Owning a timeshare isn’t something suddenly in vogue. It’s been a consistent investment for decades. However, only WorldMark has made the consistent investment more flexible, affordable and enjoyable. While WorldMark’s competitors may still offer those restrictive timeshares that limit you to one unit or resort during a specific week of the year, we don’t. WorldMark timeshares know that time is too precious to restrict. The perfect timeshare week last year may not be the perfect week this year.

    It’s why WorldMark has revolutionized the way timeshare and vacation time work. Demanding schedules, work and family obligations require flexibility that other timeshare competitors don’t offer. Thinking about WorldMark timeshare? Well, here’s some of what you get.


    Vacation Credits

    WorldMark credit is vacation currency. When you deposit the credits, they are deposited into your WorldMark account. You spend the vacation currency the way you want. Do you want to spend a couple of weeks at a lake resort? Use the credits to buy the time. Do you want to spend a few days at a drive-to-resort? You can. Just exchange your WorldMark credits. It’s that flexible. You’re only limited by the number of vacation credits you own.

    You have two years to use the vacation credits. Every year during the anniversary month (the month you originally purchased the credits), you’ll receive a renewal notice to purchase that year’s credits.

    WorldMark Gives You the Power

    Flexibility is the hallmark of any vacation. No matter how much you plan your vacation itinerary, it’s always the unplanned events you enjoy so much more. WorldMark refuses to plan your vacation for you. We give you the power to decide when and where you want to plan your vacation.

    Unlike our timeshare competitors, you don’t own a particular unit during a specific season. That’s why too restrictive. Instead, you own all of the resorts all year. Yep, you’ve read that right. There are over 60 beautiful resorts that include studio condos to four-bedroom penthouses by the ocean, lake, desert or mountains. Do you want to spend time at the lake next year? Do it. How about enjoying a mountain view this year? Do it. WorldMark knows it’s your vacation. You have the power to choose. After all, variety is the spice of life.

    WorldMark even offers Drive-to resorts. This allows you to enjoy two or three day vacation getaways. Travel to Nevada, California or even Canada for a fun, quick mini-vacation. There are resorts there and other places around the US and some parts of Canada.

    Intrigued about WorldMark timeshare? Of course! We know you are. It’s hard not be intrigued. Only WorldMark gives you the freedom to plan your vacation how you want. You’re not restricted by a certain week or particular resort. Enjoy over 60 resorts regardless of the time of year or the amount of space you need. It’s your freedom to choose, so do it.

     Not ready to buy just yet?

    With a traditional timeshare, you were locked into a specific location for a given week in a year. There was little to no flexibility to venture to other locations. WorldMark broke out of that concept and started making locations available on a credit-based system. To rent WorldMark, credits that are purchased can be used for any of more than 60 resorts worldwide with the ability to stay longer than a week if desired. This program offers the opportunity to vacation at exotic locations for a fraction of the cost, making vacations once again affordable.

    If you want to sell WorldMark timeshare, we can help. Simply fill out the form above and a WorldMark specialist will be happy to assist in finding a buyer for your timeshare.