Why WorldMark? Why Not?

Have you asked yourself, why worldmark? In 1989 WorldMark by Wyndham (formerly known as Trendwest) created WorldMark with a vacation ownership flexible enough to accommodate ever–changing lifestyles…constantly.  WorldMark by Wyndham pioneered the Drive-to Resort concept of resorts designed to make 2 or 3-day getaways convenient and easy.  In fact, 80% of WorldMark resorts are drive-to resorts with most WorldMark resorts residing within cities such as; Seattle and Portland as well as several cities in California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Missouri, and British Columbia, Canada.

Owning vacations has been a constant for decades, only WHAT we own has evolved. Through the 1960’s, traditional “vacation” plans consisted of a couple of weeks at the family owned cabin. Changing lifestyles saw a world become more mobile, and fly–to vacation destinations more desirable; through the 1970’s and 80’s hotel and resort chains introduced timeshare ownership to meet the changing demands, with the one–week vacation packages being offered through timesharing, a fixed week per year became a luxury many didn’t have time for. Demanding careers, increasing difficult schedules and busy children left little time for much needed family getaways!

why worldmark

Meet the WorldMark difference…

WorldMark credits are a vacation currency that you own; the number of credits you purchase is deposited annually into a WorldMark account to spend as you choose.  How long you stay is up to you and only limited by the number of vacation credits you own!  WorldMark credits give you ultimate flexibility. You don’t own in a particular season, in a particular unit or at a single resort…you own all of them!

WorldMark by Wyndham is the world’s third-largest vacation ownership program and exclusive developer and marketer of WorldMark, The Club.  The concept of points-based timeshare with a network of drive-to and exotic resorts was pioneered by WorldMark, and today there are more than 250,000 WorldMark owners who have access to resorts across the United States as well as in Canada, Mexico, and Fiji.