About WorldMark Timeshare

A WorldMark timeshare ownership gives you the chance to buy only a portion of a magnificent property. Each owner is given a certain amount of points or WorldMark Credits; typically used for a number of weeks or nights per year.  Luxury resorts differ from hotels in that the resort suits cater toward an extended stay. Hotel rooms provide the bare essentials and rarely offer added facilities and benefits with your visit.  Most resorts are built on or near major attractions or sought after destinations like ski slopes or tropical islands.

With WorldMark Timeshare, units are always fully furnished and include their own unique amenities.  Arranged in either one-to four-bedroom suites, WorldMark resorts offer spacious living and dining with fully equipped kitchens. Timeshare resorts enhance your vacationing experience with access to beautiful structured swimming pools, activity centers, fitness rooms, and often have fine dining in their own on-site restaurants.

Along with the price of the WorldMark timeshare, owners are required to pay an annual maintenance fee to ensure the property stays in impeccable condition, and upgrades can be planned for. Owners reserve the right to use the resorts for either a fixed week or a floating week, depending on type of ownership and the intent of the initial owner. Many owners may choose to enjoy the added convenience of reserving a ‘float’ week. Pending availability one can stay during a desired week any time throughout the year.

Depending on which WorldMark resort you are in, the owner may also join a program within the resort’s network of properties. Many owners choose to purchase a membership with an exchange company to trade their week for another at a different resort.  Many developers like WorldMark partner with RCI and offer an in-house exchange programs to keep your experiences fresh and exhilarating each time…take advantage of time with a lifetime of fantastic resorts to enjoy across the beautiful United States, Mexico, Canada and Hawaii.

With all the available types of ownership, it is important to do research the type of timeshare that will work best for you. No matter which WorldMark by Wyndham resort timeshare you choose, we know you’ll love it!

Need to know more about credits?  Learn exactly how WorldMark credits work.  Ready to buy a WorldMark timeshare?  Check out our resale inventory.