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    WorldMark Canada

    Canada, North America’s largest country, is distinguished by its massive, pristine countryside and its distinctive culture and history.  WorldMark Canada Resorts and Timeshares only help vacationers take full advantage of everything the area has to offer. Visitors to Canada will find that a journey across the entire country would be a significant task because of the 3,000 mile distance from St. John’s, Newfoundland to Vancouver, British Columbia.

    One choice for a holiday to Canada is visiting one of the regions. The Atlantic Provinces focus on the Acadian culture, the splendor of the coast and the history of Halifax. Quebec is known for its French history and culture as well as events such as the Winter Festival of Quebec City. Ontario provides a range of activities and sites including Toronto, which is Canada’s largest city; Ottawa, the capital; Niagara Falls and the Great Lakes. The Prairie Provinces, beginning in the plains and ending in the Rocky Mountains, are identified with the resorts of Banff and Lake Louise. British Columbia has a diverse culture and mountains and lakes. The North Canadian territories are isolated and home unique plants and animals as well as the First Nation and the Inuit cultures.

    An alternative to visiting Canada would be to tour one of Canada’s cities. Montreal is the center of Canada’s French society along with museums, festivals, shops on Saint Denis and Saint Catherine Streets and Mount Royal. Quebec City, the provincial capital, is famous for the picturesque Old City, the Chateau Frontenac, the winter carnival and European atmosphere. Ottawa, the national capital, displays Parliament Hill, the Museum of Civilization and the By Ward Market neighborhood. Calgary is a center of Canadian finance but also provides the Calgary Stampede, the Calgary Zoo and Tower, Glenbow Museum and the Chinook Mall. Vancouver, the modern city on the west coast is multicultural and close to beaches and skiing. Toronto is Canada’s headquarters for entertainment, media and business. It is known for the CN Tower, museums and an extensive theatre district. Winnipeg, in the central part of Canada, has a vibrant French-Canadian heritage, arts and culture and the lively Forks.

    Vacations in Canada offer an opportunity to take in its diverse culture and history whether traveling the entire country or selecting on of its many regions or cities.

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