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    WorldMark Hawaii

    Everyone deserves to experience paradise once in their lifetime, and Hawaii has been coined the vacation paradise by many tourists around the world.  WorldMark Hawaii Timeshare Resorts make this already fantasy-like destination that much better.  This island is known for its tropical climate and beautiful beaches that honeymooners, friends, or an entire family can enjoy. Hawaii boasts beautiful vacations spots and islands for vacationers to enjoy year-round.

    Each city in Hawaii offers vacationers a different experience. Honolulu is Hawaii’s largest city, and it allows those vacationing in Honolulu to stay close to an airport, but still gain the full Hawaiian experience. Vacationers can enjoy the nightlife in Honolulu, and surf in the Waikiki beach during the day. Vacationers in Honolulu can enjoy gourmet meals at a restaurant with meals prepared by celebrity chefs, including Alan Wong’s Pineapple Room. Those individuals who want to sight-see and catch-up on their history can visit Pearl Harbor, Bishop Museum and other historic sights located in Honolulu.

    Hilo and Kauai are other cities in Hawaii that people generally love to visit while on vacation in Hawaii. The family visiting Hilo can take a trip to Pana’ewa Rainforest Zoo, which is the only zoo in America that is located in a rain forest. Hilo is home to various art museums and festivals for vacationers to enjoy. Those visiting Kauai can enjoy hikes or kayaking in Na Pali Coast State Park, one of the cities main attractions. People can also go surfing, swimming or sailing at the beaches located in Kauai. There are also shopping centers in Kauai that vacationers can visit, including a Macy’s department store.

    Although Hawaii is a beautiful vacation attraction, the state does have times when a vacation could be interrupted due to less than perfect weather conditions. Vacationers can generally expect 70 degree weather, or warmer, during the spring and summer months. Some travelers want to ski, therefore it is best to travel to Islands such as Mauna Kea in the winter; travelers can expect 25 degree temperatures during the winter months in this Hawaiian region.

    Hawaii is a vacation paradise that everyone can enjoy. No matter what season a family decides to visit Hawaii during, the family is bound to find an attraction or activity to enjoy. Vacationers can wear grass skirts, leis and do the traditional hula dances in their own back yard, but the experience of paradise is not the same, unless one is visiting Hawaii and vacationing in one of the island’s beautiful cities!

    WorldMark Hawaii Timeshare Resorts