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    WorldMark Idaho

    Idaho is often considered part of the Pacific Northwest. It is bordered by Washington and Oregon on the west, Montana and Wyoming on the East, Nevada and Utah on the south, and the north is bordered by Canada.  No matter what type of vacationer you are, WorldMark Idaho Timeshare Resorts are right for you!

    Idaho is often known for it’s “Idaho Spuds” but Idaho is much more than a state filled with potatoes. There are a lot of opportunities for people who partake in outdoor recreation. Idaho offers many skiing resorts where people can enjoy snow sports such as skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing. There are abundant natural and wildlife areas, where one can camp, fish, hike and hunt. There are plenty of areas for mountain biking and horseback riding as well.

    For those who enjoy a more urban feel, Boise is the largest city in Idaho. Visitors can enjoy Boise’s Basque block and learn about the state’s Basque heritage. In addition to many local shops and eateries, there is also exciting nightlife. Boise is home to to Boise State University. This area of the city has many local shops and places that support college students and has a college town vibe.

    In addition to variety of activities to do, there are a variety of types of places to stay during vacation. There are beautiful resorts and hotels, as well as ranches and camp grounds.

    When planning a trip to Boise, a search of the internet will show a variety of free publications that can be ordered that will give information on places to stay, recreational activities specific to each county and information about the state. Idaho has a bit of something for everyone.

    WorldMark Idaho Timeshare Resorts