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    Missouri WorldMark

    If you are looking to go on vacation to Missouri, you’ll have the time of your life – especially if you stay at a WorldMark Missouri Timeshare Resort. The Show Me state has lots for you and your family to do. If you visit St. Louis, you will see its famous Arch. St. Louis is one of that largest area’s in Missouri. The Arch is the tallest man-made monument in the entire world. If you go to downtown St. Louis you’ll see dozens of hotels, lots of dining and shopping areas not to mention their nightlife of entertainment. If you moved on to Lafayette Square you would come across the oldest part in St. Louis and tree-lined streets with bed and breakfasts just waiting for you to visit.

    Take a walk to the Cathedral Basilica of St Louis to see the inside of this church. You’ll find 83,000 square feet of mosaic art on forty-one million tiles with over 7,000 colors. It’s breathtaking to say the least. If you like museums you can visit the city or the contemporary art museum. The longest bridge in the world is the Eads Bridge. It is the first bridge to cross the Mississippi and was completed in 1874.

    Do you like parks? At Forest Park you can do so much as there are 1,293 acres of land. It’s a public park that you can golf in, play tennis or baseball, go fishing or boating, ice-skate, jog and so much more. Your family would never be bored. You’ll find the Science Center, an art museum, a zoo plus a history museum all in the park for you to visit and it costs nothing to walk in any of these places. The Forest Park is in the heart of St. Louis.

    You can ride in an elevator to the top of the Gateway Arch. Under the Arch there is the Museum of Westward Expansion that you can look around in. You can visit the Mildred Land Kemper art museum. You can also stroll through the Botanical Garden every day but Christmas. There are so many museums to go to you’ll have to choose. If you want to see one of the world’s largest skyscrapers that was built in 1890, you find that on Chestnut Street where the Wainwright Building is.

    If you leave St. Louis you can visit any other city in Missouri as they too have lots to offer for you and your family. Branson has lots of dinners and concerts and if you like bus tours, Branson will be for you. Kansas City is Missouri’s largest city if you want to visit you’ll find lots to do there. You’ll find the Ozarks in the southern part of Missouri where you can relax and enjoy the outdoors where you can and swim, fish, hike and even hunt.

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