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    Washington WorldMark

    Washington State is a unique area filled with busy cities, beautiful coastlines and glorious mountains. There are not many states you can visit where you can hang out on a beach, hike up a mountain, see a volcano or camp in a forest, all within a few hours of each other. In a WorldMark Washington Timeshare, there is that and so much more.

    For the adventurous vacationer, there are hundreds of trails and natural sites to check out. Discover a piece of history at the Lewis and Clark Trail near Walla Walla. This state park is situated near the Nimipooiskit trail. The famous explorers are said to have traveled on the property in 1806. At the Park, you can read all of the historic information, while enjoying the beautiful landscape and trails. For some beach life, explore the San Juan Islands. There you can enjoy beautiful beaches and landscapes while bike riding or kayaking. Some areas of the islands have whale watching opportunities, but all over you can at least relax and enjoy some fresh seafood. Mount St. Helens is a great opportunity for some adventure. The Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument is located outside of Seattle. There, you can explore the site where the famous volcano erupted in 1980. This destination is great for families depending on where you decide to visit. The actual mountain is hard to navigate, but there are visitor centers and observatories that have a lot of interesting information and fantastic views of the volcano.

    If you are more interested in city life, there are plenty of bustling cities to enjoy. Olympia is the capital of Washington, and it has an amazing art and music scene. You can catch a show at the Capital Playhouse and then go shopping at some of the best boutiques that are scattered around the city. There are a lot of interesting museums and a variety of restaurants for any craving or budget. Another famous city in Washington State is Seattle. This huge city has something to do for everyone. There is shopping, food, nightlife, park hiking trails, and sightseeing. It is suggested to really plan out your trip to Seattle beforehand. This way you know you will be able to see and do everything you hoped to.

    Washington State is an exciting area with diversity and charm. There are so many destinations to visit, whether you are seeking adventure or luxury.

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