How WorldMark Credits Work

How WorldMark credits work are through a point based system for a timeshare vacation that is in partnership with resorts all over the United States. The consumer will find a few resorts in Mexico and Fiji, plus a lot of resorts throughout the United States and Canada. There are many resorts overseas that are affiliated with Resort Condominiums International or RCI.  Worldmark owners receive their credits every year, unlike many other timeshare companies Worldmark does not offer biannual credit allotments.

WorldMark works on a point system only. Points are purchased, and when paying for the resort accommodation, where ever so chosen the points will pay for the vacation. One does not have to go back to the same resort every time. They can decide where they want to go, when they want to go and for how long, unlike a very inflexible timeshare. How WorldMark credits work so successfully is they have not held onto the typical timeshare system like many other programs have done. WorldMark has total flexibility in their point system plan. It is easy and convenient to use this plan. If a consumer wishes to sell their points, such as on eBay they can transfer ownership of their points.

Instead of using our traditional money to purchase a resort vacation, WorldMark credits become the currency for a WorldMark owner. Upon joining WorldMark the consumer purchases points (Credits) that are deposited into an account. The vacation credits or points that were purchased can be used to book reservations for single or many nights’ stays according to the credit charts.

Vacation credits have a lifetime of two years and are deducted from your personal account at the time you book your resort vacation. Upon the anniversary date your vacation account is refreshed with a full number of points. Holiday options for resort reservations are increased when the consumer has a WorldMark Premier account. In this event consumers can opt to borrow credits or points from the following new year as long as the annual levy is paid in full.

If and when a consumer wishes to earn their vacation points there are some facts that they must take into consideration. Look at the time of year that is being planned for. Each season is color coded Red denotes the high peek season, white denotes a mid season and blue denotes a low season. The consumer will be required to study their resort guide to see how each season is noted.

Accommodation types are offered in wide variety choices, such as hotel rooms, self contained large and small apartments, and grand to presidential suites. It only stands to reason the studio apartment will use less points then a presidential suite. And, amenities, although great at all resorts many vary somewhat from resort to resort.

Just like any other reservation scheduled, the day of the week will determine price, such as, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will offer a lower point rating than Friday, Saturday and Sunday. To make the most of the points that one has in their account is to book ahead of time and plan what kind of vacation planning is needed.

The total amount of WorldMark vacation credits or points in a club account denotes the total number of credits available to reserve a resort vacation. Whether the credits are purchased or borrowed, whatever the total is equal to is the total number available.

Current WorldMark timeshare owners can purchase credits right on in our WorldMark Store.  Simply select the desired credit package and amount of housekeeping tokens and one of our representatives will contact you to fill your order.

Look at WorldMark for your vacation needs instead of a typical timeshare. The vacation packages are premier memberships that never expire. Points can be passed on to family or friends as well.  The customer service department is here to help Monday through Saturday and is knowledgeable in our premier plans. Find out how memberships accumulate points, and how WorldMark Timeshare Resales is your one stop shop for all things WorldMark!