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    Sell WorldMark the Club

    It was the year 1989 that WorldMark, the Club, was incorporated by Trendwest Resorts. The idea was to provide those who were looking for property to take on rent for ownership to spend their vacations there. The resorts that were built up initially were more clustered around the Pacific Coast region. They soon expanded to the Fiji Islands, Missouri, and there is now an Australia WorldMark too. Registered owners of the club have now grown up to 250,000. Owners have all the rights to sell WorldMark vacation credits that they would have purchased over a time period and spend time at the property of choice.

    How to Buy Credits

    The present ownership program that is followed at WorldMark the Club allows for greater flexibility to its owners in getting vacation credit points. Owners have the option of spending vacation time themselves, starting from Palm Springs and ending at Whistler. The well known Trendwest Resorts have also been added to the WorldMark club resorts in 2002. The vacation credits that club members buy are added with extra credits every year. The club gives that many credits as the owner had purchased and not used in the year. To sell WorldMark credits, owners can do so not only on a weekly, but a daily basis as well.

    Guidelines to Sell WorldMark Points

    sell worldmarkThe club has, however, certain guidelines laid down for all its owners for usage of the vacation credits. Every resort, depending on the region it is located in, has been marked for periods when there is heavy demand for it. For such periods, the booking has to be confirmed 13 months before, or at the least 91 days prior the date. The booking period also has a limitation of minimum seven days of stay. For periods when the demand is less, one can book even 48 hours prior and the restriction of minimum seven days stay is also not there. For those planning to spend the weekend only, there is the need for both Friday and Saturday to be included in the stay.
    It is therefore evident that the club has many an option of planning ones stay at the resorts. There is also a system where owners gain bonus time and this also is converted to vacation credit points. One can also cancel their reservation stay up to 30 days from the date of reservation , and no penalty is charged for that.
    WorldMark club therefore has quite an attractive system and property both to enroll for and enjoy a relaxed and cost beneficial vacation time.